Is it any little wonder we find ourselves here?

This is the scene of your tragedy.

6 November 1989
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My name is Ashley and I'm 22. I have been out of school for two years (repeated year 11), and am generally a rather unsocial person. My dream is to write fiction, though my interests have been known to shift when opportunity eludes me.

I have Aspberger's Disorder, but its quite mild and hard to pick (they didn't realise until my mid- to late-teens, before which I was dragged place to place where they all assumed I had some form of ADD. It took a psychologist to prove them wrong).

I largely write fanfiction, don't have much patience for writing anything about my own life, am (trying to) work on my own two sets of original fic trilogies, but haven't got past the first full draft of the first novel, and am nothing but a dreamer, I fear.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll end up anywhere in life.